WLC AP Up/Down Alerting

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Librenms doesn’t have a way to alert when APs go down on a Cisco wireless controller. I’d like to be able to alert when this happens. APs themselves don’t support SNMP, so I am limited to ICMP currently.


+1 This would be a awesome feature.


I have an alert for APs that go down on my Cisco 5520 and 5508 controllers. When creating a new alert, under the Advanced tab I have the following query.

SELECT * FROM access_points WHERE (access_points.device_id = ?) && (access_points.deleted = “1” )

Then the main tab looks like this.


Just check whether the access_point table needs sanitizing before enabling this alert. I have a similar alert in place for our 8510s.

Any AP which has ever been connected to your controller will still be in there even if no longer live, just marked as “deleted”. From memory this included any APs which had changed name, including from default APmac_addr naming.

Otherwise you end up with a fairly hefty alert message on the next poll…


When APs are renamed, replaced, or permanently taken out of service, I do need to manually remove the old entries from the database. It can be annoying, but I find the value of the alert is worth it.


Agree entirely!