Wrong Time Elapsed Calculation on Alert Message

As title and screenshot, the time elapsed calculation is wrong.

The elapsed hours should be 1h, not 2h. The problem most likely occur the hour value that sometimes add 1 when the time elapsed is less than 3 hrs.

You are not the only one with this problem. I think this is bug. I have same issue. There are some other posts about this opened too.

Is everything fine in LibreNMS/Alert/RunAlerts.php?

Look for lines:

           $obj['elapsed'] = $this->timeFormat(time() - strtotime($alert['time_logged']));


            $obj['elapsed'] = $this->timeFormat(strtotime($alert['time_logged']) - strtotime($id['time_logged']));

16 hours is 166060=57600 seconds

echo timeFormat(57600);
1d 16h

so function timeFormat is probably wrong.

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