Default health sensors

Where do the LibreNMS get the default high/low on the health sensors?

are they default static configured somewhere, or do it get them from the devices?

Depends on the vendor’s mib.

Some have set standards set, others do not have and have be calculated or left blank.

So sometimes you will need to go into settings change the health sensors how and low limits.

if they have standard set, its in the mib?

I believe so, you would need to find the mib OID.

hmm. i will try and go through the mibs…

it would be perfect if its noted there, because then i can define them per devicetype.

what device is this?

I wrote something about this topic yesterday. For my cisco routers the defaults pulled from SNMP are ignored and replaced with librenms generated defaults that are far too close to the sensor readings and keep generating spurious alerts.

Still trying to understand if this is a bug that other people are seeing or if there’s something up with my installation. Trying to work my way through whats happening when the discovery is done.

juniper, ubnt, hp, apc - the temperature threshholds are completely off, but i preferre not to change it manually per device

sound a lot like what i’m working on

that’s very odd I running APC and HP devices and haven’t had to change any of the default sensor values.

like I said, guys if there is no support from the vendor’s mib… then libreNMS will just auto calculate the values.

So at that point, you will need to customize the values in health settings for that device.

this has been discussed b4 see here Cisco ONS sensor under limit alerts as of 08/14

its mostly the devices placed outdoor, and the climate here is a little colder than what the vendors expect.

when the sun goes down i get about 8-10 alarms about sensor under limit, but the devices are well within vendor specifications, så the thresholds are too narrow

URL to your post?

Yes, so you will need to adjust to health sensor high low values for the device in the web UI.
I had do that on a few devices also that are in odd environments.

Right, I get that, but the MIB has the threshold values and it looks like the scripts (I’m looking at and friends) are polling the right MIB and oids, the value just aren’t making into mysql.

I was really wondering if it was just me that was seeing this. I’ll try and dig further and provide more info as and when I find it.

if find something that needs to be changed in the code, submit it in git hub.

well i can see that the high low varies from several devices, same vendor, type, os, fw, so i guess they are calculated.

oh well, i’ll then do the changes manually, but would have been nice with a feature to overrule the values per device/vendor

John, take a look at /opt/librenms/includes/discovery/, that has the routines where the values are calculated if they can’t be extracted from the MIB.