Single graph, Multiple interfaces

Is it possible to create a single graph with the summation of traffic from multiple interfaces? We have a several buildings with multiple switch stacks (Cisco various types C3750/3850/2960x and Dell N2000/N3000). Basic star network configuration of single router with seprate building uplinks to an MDF with star distribution to the buildings IDFs. There are wireless access points scattered through out sharing a common VLAN. I would like to create a graph for each building showing the total network traffic in/out of all the wireless users. I would like a single graph for each building. I am thinking that adding up the traffic from the switch ports the APs are connected on will do the trick. Is there a way to do this with LibreNMS?

Would be sufficient?

Yep, Like so:


Where the port ids are separated by a comma. You may have to url encode the commas, depending on how you are calling the url.

The graph widget allows you to do this too.

Hello murrant,

How do you configure the graph widget to do this with several ports on several devices ?


I don’t think that’s possible at present


Okok, because in the graph widget, when you select “Port Aggregators” and “Manual Descr” it uses the correct type which is ‘type=multiport_bits_separate’ but no matter you wrote in “Manual Port-Desc” the “id=” stays empty. Any ideas ?

I’m not sure that graph option is doing what you think, the peering/transit one is done differently than aggregated multibits using ids.

Feel free to request this feature in the requests section here.

Thanks for your answer,

Finaly I used the “External Image” widget. It does what I wanted.

Have a nice day !

Do you have an example?


And, if you use type=multiport_bits you get an aggregate graph, with the 95th percentile line added, like on normal port graphs.

FYI, in-progress dashboard update adds multi-port to the graphs widget.


Is this feature available yet? – “Manual ports” shows only the bandwith, not traffic.
Why can’t “multiport_bits_separate” (inlcuding aggregation) made available for graphs configuration?

someone could probably add an option to the manual ports to allow separated bandwidth usage.

Hi murrant,
A slightly off-topic question:
Is there a graph type similar to this for other metrics? I need to have one graph with data for a health/count metric from 2 (or more) devices.